Dancing is a fantastic way to feel good about yourself and can be seen as an artistic art form and a way to express yourself through movement to music. There are numerous styles of dancing; ballet, ballroom, latin dance, tango, salsa, disco, breakdancing…the list is endless. However the great thing about dance is that there are no set rules to follow (unless you are taking lesson to learn a particular style of dance), you can dance to music in whichever way you like expressing how you feel inside and have a lot of fun with it at the same time. Please read our related articles on the history of dance in Italy and how it progressed to various styles over the years.

History of Dance

Roman theatre originated around 240 BC after their victory in the first Punic Wars.  To celebrate they held public games and as part of these celebrations, comedy and tragedy were performed which included drama, music, and dance. Around 364BC, entertainers were ...

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Volta Dance, Italy

The volta is known as a Renaissane Dance which is claimed to come from both Italy and France. It was the first dance known to have a three-fourth beat.  Volta is the italian word for turn but it is said that the dance was ...

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Tarantella Dance, Southern Italy

This Italian folk dance originates from southern Italy. The dance varies from region to region. Traditionally this is a couples dance but the crescendo of the dance is meant to represent a victim of a tarantula bite and normally danced solo. Tarantella ...

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Monferrina Dance, Piemonte

This lively Italian folk dance originates from the region of Piemonte in northern Italy. The dance is often accompanied by singing and is danced by several couples. It became popular in England in the 1800’s and was known as a ...

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Pizzica Dance, Salento

This traditional Italian dance originates from the Salento peninsula and rapidly spread throughout the rest of the Puglia region. The dance involves embracing your partner (does not have to be danced with a member of the opposite sex). It is ...

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Ballu Tundu Dance, Sardinia

This dance which is also known as Ballu Sardu is an Italian dance originating from the island of Sardinia. A lively dance full of leaps is usually danced in a closed or open circle and is normally accompanied by three or more singers ...

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