Opera of the 19th century was the earliest Italian popular music. It influenced Italy’s folk, classical and other popular musics. Neapolitan song (canzone napoletana), is a distinct tradition that became a part of popular music in the 19th century. By the end of the 20th century, this music was seen as an iconic image of Italian music abroad. Influence from other countries have played a part in the Italian popular music, beginning with the French in the 1890’s (Café-chantant) and then the arrival of American jazz in the 1910s. Until Italian Fascism became officially “allergic” to foreign influences in the late 1930s, American dance music and musicians were quite popular such as the great Louis Armstrong. Different styles of American music became much more prominent by the 1950’s , especially rock. The Italian rock scene soon diversified into progressive, punk, funk and folk-based styles. Today’s music-scene in Italy is just as diverse as anywhere else in the world, ranging from traditional folk music to hip hop, rock, opera and latino music with many influences from differnt countries all adding to the mix. It is now not uncommon for modern Italian pop artists such as Laura Pausini, Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti and Andrea Bocelli to release new songs in English or Spanish in addition to, or instead of, Italian.

House Music

‘Italo House’ was the term used to describe a popular type of house music in Italy in te late 1980’s. This particular style of music is a mix of house music and Italo disco music and it is defined by the ...

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Italian Singers & Pop Stars

There are many world famous Italian (1st & 2nd generation) singers and popstars .  Please have a listen to just a few of those singers, you may be surprised.   Luciano Pavarotti  was a famous Italian operatic tenor born in ...

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Hip Hop Music

In the 1990’s the Italian hip hop scene emerged with Articolo 31 from Milan, whose style was mainly influenced by East Coast rap. Many of the other early hip hop groups were politically-oreintated, like 99 Posse who later became more influenced by ...

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Rock Music

The rock music from the USA in the early 1960’s influenced italian rock, with cover versions being made on existing songs. Piero Ciampi was the first distinctively Italian singer-songwriter. His style was reminiscent of the French chansonniers. The USA and ...

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An opera is a drama set to music and consists of singing accompanied by an orchestra playing overtures and interludes. The voices of the opera singers can be overwhelming with emotion and it has been known for people to cry ...

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