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Mobile Phones

You can use your UK mobile phone (cellulare) abroad through the ‘international roaming’ network service. Contact your UK network provider to ensure that your mobile phone is enabled for international roaming and also the costs associated with this service. Rates can vary according to your network and the country you are visiting. Check with your service provider to make sure that your mobile phone works abroad.

Handy hints:

  • Take an electrical adaptor for the charger plug.
  • Make a note of your mobile’s serial number.
  • Your mobile telephone number.
  • The number of your operator’s customer services (including international dialling code).

Keep them with you at all times in a safe place, separate from your mobile phone. In the event of your mobile phone being stolen, you can then contact your network operator and request your phone/sim card to be blocked.

It can sometimes be more cost effective to purchase an alternative SIM card whilst aborad. TIM, Wind or Omnitel are some of the main service providers for mobile phones in Italy. You can have your own Italian mobile phone number by purchasing a SIM card at the airport or one of the phone shops at your holiday destination (€10 approx) and use the pay-as-you-go service. You can also buy phone cards at the local Tabbacchi shops (newsagents) and of course at the phone shops.