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As with any country, Italy also has it’s fair share of crime. Ensure that you still take the same safety precautions as you would at home. and do not assume that because you are on holiday and feeling more relaxed that nothing will happen to you. Tourists can often be the target of muggings and pick-pocketing. Keep valuables locked in the hotel safe, or if you are in a self-catering apartment or villa check to see if there is a safety deposit box available. In the event of something going wrong, contact your relatives and friends at home as they can then take appropriate action within the UK. The same advice should be taken if a natural disaster occurs during your visit to a foreign country. In the event of serious accidents, illnesses, death, arrest, detentions or risk of physical harm please contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate who will take be able to help you and take action. Please see our related articles with regard to crime in Italy, emergency services, telephone numbers for police, fire, ambulance, hospitals and pharmacies should you need them. In most cases people only need advice, but hopefully you will not need to use any of the emergency telephone numbers and that your only emergency will be going to the local pharmacy for some mosquito repellent!

Italian Police Services

There are a few different forces that you should be aware of in case you need to contact the police. If you are a victim of a crime immediately call the local police/carabinieri. Carabinieri The most popular of all the ...

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Italian Emergency Numbers

Italy has various emergency numbers depending on which type of emergency you have.  However  the European Emergency Number is 112 but in Italy this would normally connect you to the Carabinieri (who are like a local branch of military police). ...

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Lake Como Hospitals

There are several general hospitals and walk-in clinics. Hospitals always have 24 hour emergency services and are up to western standards. Most hospitals have English-speaking doctors, the smaller Clinics may not, but they will normally find someone to translate for ...

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Lake Como Pharmacies

Most of the villages and towns around Lake Como have at least one chemist. Menaggio via (+39) 0344 32051 Tremezzo via (+39) 0344 40219 Lenno via Statale (+39) 0344 55141 Varenna via (+39) 0341 830203 Bellagio via Como via Garibaldi ...

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There are rarely (if any) displays of public drunkenness in Italy or violent street crime.  However there is organised crime – from the Sicilian Mafia and Neapolitan Camorra to high-level corporate crime, but these rarely have an impact on the ...

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Advice for Women

Italian men are known for paying compliments to women.  You will often hear them say ‘ciao bella’ which means ‘hi beautiful’ and is never said in a derogatory tone.  Culturally, these comments are not seen as insults. However as in ...

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