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Italian Mealtimes

Breakfast  in Italy can range from breads and jam to a huge buffet of meats, cheeses, cereals (although they don’t eat cereal as much as we do in the UK), breads, eggs, juice and coffee. You will see in the coffee bar many Italians having a pastry known as a (brioche – bree-osh) along with their coffee first thing in the morning.

Lunch is normally served from 12:30pm – 3:30pm. You will notice that the streets and roads are much quieter at this time of day as Italians go home for lunch or frequent local trattorias and restaurants.  You rarely see any Italians walking along the street with their lunch in their hand. Please note that at this time of day many of the independent shops are closed.

Dinner is like a late night feast in Italy and can take as long as the lunch! The Italians usually eat their evening meal anytime between 7:30pm and 9.00pm.  Therefore many children do not go to their beds until 10:00pm.