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The weather in Lake Como is very similar to that of the Mediterranean climate due to this alpine location having it’s own micro-climate. The temperatures in Lake Como differ considerably from Milan, even though the city is not that far away (approx 25 miles). Because of this unusual weather system, you will see a variety of trees including palm trees which you wouldn’t expect to see in a mountain location.


The vegetation includes vines and fig, pomegranate, olive, chestnut, and oleander trees. Chestnut and conifer woods and large areas of pastureland cover the mountain slopes. You can also find exotic species such as cypresses and bay trees, citrus trees, palm ...

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Lake Como Temperatures

Temperatures in Lake Como vary considerably compared to Milan due to its alpine location (even though it is only 25 miles north of Milan). August tends to be the hottest month and during this month, many Italians take their summer ...

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The holiday season runs from Easter to October. Ideal times to go are May, June and September when it is still warm and sunny but not as crowded (or as hot) as in the midsummer months. The lake often has ...

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Como Winds

The valleys around Lake Como generate a complex wind system. The two dominant winds that sweep across the lake are; il tivano which blows from the “Valtellina Valley” in the north-east in the morning and la breva which blows from ...

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Ubiquitous Star Jasmine

When asked what makes Lake Como different from the other lakes in the region, an Italian friend who is a proud comasco replied; ”it’s the villas.” And it is true, the historic villas and adjoining gardens that adorn the lakefront ...

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