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Como Winds

The valleys around Lake Como generate a complex wind system. The two dominant winds that sweep across the lake are; il tivano which blows from the “Valtellina Valley” in the north-east in the morning and la breva which blows from the south in the afternoon. Both winds clear the sky over Lake Como but there are others that are associated with bad weather; Vento or Ventone is a northerly wind that blows in strong gusts from Val Chiavenna and can start unexpectedly. Menaggino is a southerly wind that blows in strong gusts from Val Menaggio and is often associated with the thunderstorms (particularly in summertime).

Bellasco which blows over Bellano, Argegnino blows from Val d’Intelvi, Bergamasca blows along he Lecco branch to the middle of the lake and the Garzeno which blows from the valley that overlooks Dongo; are all summertime winds usually associated with thunderstorms and can be quite dangerous.

All these various winds make Lake Como an ideal location for windsurfing and sailing.  The northern part of the lake is where you will find many windsurfers and sailors.