The holiday season runs from Easter to October. Ideal times to go are May, June and September when it is still warm and sunny but not as crowded (or as hot) as in the midsummer months. The lake often has a gentle breeze therefore making it slightly cooler than the cities. The wettest months are October and November. There are chilly winds from the Alps in the winter and it is often foggy over this period.

Snowfall is erratic and primarily affects the higher ground. Rainfall is heaviest in May so be sure to pack a rain jacket! There is less rainfall during the winter months. Water temperatures can reach an average of 24°C
(75°F) during the month of July.
Italian English Pronunciation
La primavera Spring la preemavera
L’ estate Summer le stati
L’ autunno Autumn la ootoonno
L’ inverno Winter leenverno