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Furnishing a Rental Property

Now that you have become the owner of a property in Lake Como, Italy, you need to consider how to furnish it. It sounds profoundly simple but you would be amazed at what people forget to do when furnishing for rental. If you are going to use it yourself you need to blend your own needs with those of your guests. Here are some tips:

  • Your taste may not be the taste of your guests. Keep it neutral. Dress with soft furnishings and accessories (you can change these cheaply if you get it wrong or they get broken!)
  • Simple does not mean sparse. If you do it on the cheap hoping to get away with it you will have complaints and breakages. Why invest a fortune on a property and a pittance on a few sticks of DIY furniture?
  • If the place is for 6 people ensure that you have adequate seating, bedlinen etc to accommodate 6 guests.
  • Regarding kitchenware, choose ranges that can be easily replaced with glasses, plates etc.
  • Consider this; if you were the guest in your property, what would you expect to find?
  • Do something to “wow” the guest – a nice piece of art, a good video game, a DVD library, telescope, indeed anything that will make your guests smile. Happy guests are respectful guests.
  • Finally, if you want top money for the rental, it has to be top quality inside and out. It’s the rule of the market.