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Guide to the Buying Process

The buying process depends on the type of purchase, i.e new or second-hand property. However the overriding principle is that you have to commit legally at the start of the process. If you decide to make a formal offer, you are bound by that offer if the seller accepts.

Therefore you should consider the following:

  1. Get a good agent. However they will charge both you and the seller so its always a judgement on your part. It is advisavle to go and see all of them first before you decide. You will often find that they all have the same properties, so its unlikely you will miss out.
  2. Ensure that in your offer you stipulate any conditions of your offer, ie subject to you getting a mortgage, subject to survey, subject to the deal including xxxx, and so on. The agent will try to get you to this stage very quickly and will discourage conditions. Stand firm.
  3. Get a lawyer who speaks your language or where you have a common language.
  4. If you use a Lawyer and we suggest you do, be prepared to take a commercial view on many of the issues they will raise. If you stick to their advice 100% you will buy nothing.