The town of Colico is situated on the northern tip of the lake along the east bank, shadowed by Mount Legnone. It has always been a significant part of the route through he Alpine passes leading to Switzerland and Austria. Colico still preserves military fortitudes and these attract many tourists. The two forts erected in the north of Colico are within walking distance from the centre. Colico also has an artificial river-bed and has turned the large marshy area of Piano di Spagna into a nature reserve where various bird species nest.

There are numerous cafés, restaurants and pubs, which offer traditional food and wine. The “CROTTI” are small restaurants built into the caves of the mountain in the districts of Curcio and Laghetto. There is plenty of nightlife and pubs for the younger age group. In the summer season, there are open theatres that offer nightly cabaret and music shows suitable for all ages.