Griante is a small residential village on the western branch of Lake Como, Italy situated on the slopes of Mount Crocione and gradually levels out approximately 50 metres from the shores of the lake. It is in the central zone of the lake opposite the headland of Bellagio with the majestic Grigne range of mountains (Dolomites) in the background.

The mild climate and the tranquility of the village attracted many people through the ages with many villas being built between the 17th-19th century: Villa Margherita owned by a family of editors Ricordi, Villa Collina that accommodated the chancellor Konrad Adenauer for over 20 years, Villa Giuseppina, Villa Norella and Villa Carlotta (in the community of Tremezzo) the gardens of which extend for the majority over the community of Griante.

Over the years, Griante accommodated many famous people; Giuseppe Verdi who composed the beautiful aria of the Traviata in peace and quiet of Villa Ricordo (Villa Margherita). Stendhal spent a great deal of time here composing many of his masterpieces including the Chartreuse de Parme. This small village became so popular that it even attracted royalty; Queen Victoria, Nicholas II of Russia, the Kaiser Guglielmo II, Prince Umberto di Savoia (before becoming the last king of Italy), Pope Pio XI.

There are some lovely walks from Griante one of which is up to the San Martino church (which dates from the 16th century). Although this walk is quite steep in parts, there is a path to follow and it is certainly worthwhile for the fantastic views across the lake.

CADENABBIA is the fraction of the community of Griante. This locality was mainly used for the boatmen for transporting goods from Lecco and Como. They would often stop for a rest in the local Inn. It is known that from this ancient Inn the first tourist hotels were built in the early 19th century. Today there are some beautiful hotels in this area; Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, Hotel Riviera and also a short walk away is the amazing Grand Hotel Tremezzo. There is also the Hotel Villa Linda which is between Griante and Menaggio.