The small town of Laglio sits on the shores of Lake Como and is located south west on the western branch of the lake.  Although this town was made famous in 2002 when the actor George Clooney bought a villa here, there are many other interesting facts about this quaint little town.

The wooded area behind Laglio extends up the slopes of Monte Colmegnone.  Roman origins of the village have been confirmed by a gravestone which was found at the beginning of the century. In past years, Laglio and Brienno formed one community from 1928 to 1948.

In the cemetery in Laglio there is an unusual 18th century monument in the shape of a 20 metre high pyramid which is a tribute to a German doctor. Another interesting thing to see (and the kids will probably love this one) is the large bear cave known as Buco dell’Orso in Italian, where bones of the cave-bear were found in the 18th century (the skeletons of these cave-bears can be seen in the Museum of Natural History in Milan as well as in the local Townhall). It is possible to walk through this cave for aprox 150 metres which will then bring you out onto the slopes of Monte Colmegnone (at a height of 600 mts).

There is also the Church of S. Giorgio which was built in the 16th century and contains stucco work by Stefano Salterio of Como (18th century) as well as paintings and sculptures from the 17th century.