Menaggio is situated halfway along the western shore of Lake Como and has always been an important trading centre as it has easy routes linking the Como valley to the Lugano valley and Switzerland. Menaggio was destroyed during the Ten Years War of the 12th century as it chose the wrong side. This mistake was to be made several times over in medieval times by the townsfolk; picking fights with the Spanish and the Austrians. It forms part of the ‘golden triangle’ along with Bellagio and Varenna and has good ferry connections to these towns across the lake. It is also a good base for exploring the Val Menaggio and also the hills to the northwest.

There is a lovely outdoor public swimming pool and beach area which is a rarity along the lake and has a beautifully sited golf course. You can amble along the promenade at your leisure or just sit back and look at the spectacular views cross the lake.