The lovely hillside town of Mezzegra is situated on the western branch of Lake Como in the central zone known as Tremezzina.  It is approximately 20km from the town of Como.  The following areas form the community of Mezzegra; Bonzanigo, Azzano, Giulino, Mugnano, Pola and Portezza.

Agriculture was very prominent in this village hence the name Mezzegra which derives from the Latin words “in medi agrum” meaning ‘in the middle of fields’. Grape-vine, olive and mulberry trees were cultivated in this area and to date, grape-vines are still cultivated here producing ‘Mugnano’  which is a delicious red wine that you can sample in one of the local bars.

Many years ago, this town was known for the quality of its bread but today it is more famously known as the place where Benito Mussolini and his lover,Claretta Petacci were killed on 28th April 1945, having been captured the previous day in Dongo as they tried to make their escape to Switzerland.  Mussolini and Petacci were brought to the Giulino area of Mezzegra as prisoners and taken to the house of the De Maria Family where they spent their last night.

There are some interesting things to see in Mezzegra one of which is the church of Sant’ Abbondio (Patron Saint of Mezzegra) which dates back to the 1600’s.  This church still has the original Baroque façade and luxurious furnishings and beautifully crafted marble altars.

There is plenty tourist accommodation ranging from hotels to self-catering holiday homes.