San Siro

San Siro (which was formerly known as Santa Maria Rezzonico) lies on the western shore of Lake Como (known also as Lario), on the southern slopes of Mount Bregagno. Cremia is to the north of San Siro and Menaggio/Plesio to the south. It is built on the slopes of a promontory, above which, towers a 14th century castle. The name Rezzonico may originate from the Rhaetic people who lived here, from “Rhaeto”, an Etrurian captain who lived in the area or from the local term “risciulada” which indicates the cobblestone paving so typical of this village.

There are many things to see in San Siro; churches, ruins of ancient convents and fortresses along cobblestone paths and nature walks that take you up into the hills. Although it is a small village, it does have some shops and restaurants and being only a 2 minute drive from Menaggio which has all the main facilities to hand. Rezzonico (dialect Rescionegh), is the lakeside hamlet.