This town is situated on the north-western shore of Lake Como and is approximately 45k to the town of Como.  It is made up of many smaller villages and hamlets (frazione). Sorico, together with Gravedona and Dongo was known as “Three Parish”. The title of Parish was given to Sorico by the nearby Olonio only in 1444.

Sorico is close to the oasis of Pian di Spagna which is formed by fields, reeds and marshes and is now a nature reserve and home to many species of birds as well as other animals.  A lovely area to walk or cycle around and admire the local flora and fauna.

This is also an excellent location for trying out watersports as the north of the lake is the best place to do this.  There are also many sights to see in Sorico such as the St. Giorgio Church, St Bartolomeo Church and the Pilgrims’ Hospice at Calchera (which was built in the Middle Ages) amongst many others.