There are various guided tours and excursions that you can take in and around Lake Como; ranging from tours of villas by boat, walking and hiking tours, cycling tours and excursions to nearby Switzerland, Milan, Bergamo etc.

Contact the local tourist office in Lake Como or travel agent who should be able to organise this for you.  If you are staying in a hotel then enquire within as they may have tours pre-arranged.

Please see below just a few ideas of excursions/tours that you can take;

  • Lake Como to St Moritz on the Bernina Express – the only Swiss railway line that crosses the Alps above ground.
  • The Last Supper, Milan – this often has to be booked in advanced, which you can do via the internet.
  • Lake Como to Lugano in Switzerland
  • Lake Como to Bergamo
  • Lake Como to Milan Duomo

Some of the villas require a guided tour.

Tours of Sforza’s Castle, Milan Cost:€13; concessions €10 Opening Hours:Sat 3pm; Sun 10am & 3pm; evening tours available in summer

You will also find private tour guides via the internet such as  – prices vary depending on whether you require a half day or full day tour.