Kompass maps are excellent for detailed walks and climbs of varying abilities. They show the heights of the mountains as well as mountain-top villages that are not usually on the more basic maps of the area. You can purchase them via the internet but most newsagents (tabbacheria) and book shops in Lake Como sell them.  The Kompass map you will require for Lake Como is No.91.

Street Maps of  all the different towns and villages in the Lake Como area can be easily viewed via Google Maps.  Many people have phones nowadays that can connect to the internet where they can view these maps.  However there are still a lot of people who like discovering new places by just ambling around and seeing where the street leads them.  Having every map to hand before you even arrive at your destination can curb the excitement of arriving in a new country and it takes away the element of surprise of what you might find in each town or village.  Obviously you don’t want to get lost or be walking around in circles for ages trying to find a particular sight, therefore you will be able to buy a street map in whatever town you are visiting from the local newsagents or from the tourist information office as well as any local book shops that you might find there.