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La Crocetta Walk

This walk starts from the village of Croce, which is situated approximately 2km up the hill from Menaggio.  You can reach Croce by taking the C12 bus from Menaggio.  Once you reach the bus stop in Croce, look for the signpost for Menaggio Golf Course, continue in the direction of the golf course and a little further along the road you will see a turning to your left onto Via per la Crocetta which is also known as Via Pigato, take this road. Eventually this road ends and becomes a track. Walk along his track which will lead you to La Crocetta, on your way you will see the trenches that were dug in the early 1900’s as part of the great defense against German attack along the Swiss-Italian border. Not far from La Crocetta you will find a small chapel dedicated to the Alpini. This is a fairly easy walk climbing around 100m and takes approximately 30 minutes one-way. Once again, ensure that you have comfortable walking shoes and take some water with you if it is a hot day.