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Monte di Tremezzo

Monte di Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy reaches a height of 1700 metres and is located along the north border of the ridge that sits between two small valleys; Val d’Osteno and Val di Penne.  This ridge overhangs the valley of Porlezza and is made up of four summits;  Monte di Lenno (1589m), Monte Galbiga (1698m), Monte di Tremezzo (1700m) and Monte Crocione (1641m).

This is a challenging all day walk/hike with lots of steep sections and includes traversing through a tunnel (approximate length 200 yards) that cuts right through the mountain up to the domed summit (you don’t need a torch, but there is no harm in taking one with you just incase).

For the descent you can follow the old military road from the summit down to the slopes of Argegno or you can opt for the cable car to take you down to the lakeside.  If however you are on a ‘high’ from reaching the summit, then you may be more than happy to continue walking!