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San Martino

San Martino is a small church situated on the slopes of Sasso di S.Martino above Griante (aprox height of 475 m).  The track up to the church is narrow and steep at the beginning but children can easily do this walk, just be extremely careful as there is a sheer drop to the side of the path and there are no barriers.  We have taken our own children (aged 6 and 9) on this walk, but I have to admit, it can be a little nerve-racking at times watching them bound along the path with no fear.

The views from up here are spectacular and you can see right across the the lake towards Varenna and Bellagio.

The track initially climbs up through a wooded area behind Griante and then changes to a rocky path.  Once you reach San Martino, you can have a seat at one of the picnic benches.  There is a grass area beside the church where the children can play. A chainlink fence has been put in place to help prevent anyone from falling over the cliff.  However, if you are taking children on this walk (as with any steep walk/hike) be sure to keep a watchful eye on them.

It takes approximately one hour to reach the church (maybe a little longer, depending on how quick/fit you are) and there are signs pointing towards the church from the main lakeside road at Griante, you need to walk up the steep steps between the Hotel Britannia and the Hotel Riviera and at the top of these steps there is a large map with directions.