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The 4 Valleys Path

You may want to break this down into one day treks because of the distance you are covering. There are various lodgings along the way if you wish to stay overnight and continue with the trek the following day. The trek consists of dirt-paths, old mule tracks and cobbled streets.  On your journey you will see the Sanctuary of the Madonna and Museo della Valle.

In order to do this trek you need to have a good level of fitness. The tracks are uneven in places and at one part of the trek you will climb approximately 600 metres. Please note that in winter conditions this trek can be a lot more difficult.

This is quite a challenging hike but the scenery and the wildlife make it worth it.  For more info click here.

* Please ensure as with any long walk or trek into the mountains that you check weather conditions, wear appropriate clothing and take food and drink. If possible, let someone (or hotel etc) know where you plan to go for your own safety.