Lake Como is ideal for sailing due to the winds that sweep across the lake; mainly il tivano from the north-east in the morning and la breva from the south in the afternoon.

You can rent sailboats in Como, Bellagio and Domaso that can take from between 4-10 people (depending on which size of boat you choose and whether or not you have a license that allows you to rent a more powerful engine) and the costs are approximately €200+ per day. If you are a beginner or want to improve your sailing technique, you can have instructions by enrolling on one of the following courses offered:

  • Easeaway based in Nobiallo Marina offers sailing lessons or alternatively some luxury sailing on Lake Como; Sail & Dine, Champagne Cruise or Deck Cruise.
  • Tabo Surf Centre/Gera Lario in Sorico (they also rent-out equipment for, wind-surfing, kitesurfing, canoes and mountain bikes)
  • Katsegeln Centre in Domaso is also part of the Windsurf Centre in Domaso also runs sailing courses.
  • Circolo Canottieri Domaso For those of you who do not want to do anything too taxing/strenuous your can hire a kayak or rowboat from Bellagio.