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Types of Eateries

To give you a good guide to eating out, try and find out where the locals go as you will be guaranteed fantastic food. If there are no menus available and you have to ask the waiter what dishes are available, you can be sure that the food will be freshly prepared there and then.

Each region has a flavour and a taste of its own, as well as a detailed selection of local dishes. In Lombardy, (capital of which is Milan), the cooking is more refined.

In Lake Como food is often served together with a basket of different types of bread as well as olive oil and balsamic vinegar for your salads.

There are a variety of places to eat;

Pizzeria is the cheapest and quickest eating house serving mainly pizzas.

Rosticceria (sometimes a bit expensive) or paninoteca which offer foods such as freshly made sandwiches, prepared salads, or thick square slices of pizza or focaccia.

Trattoria or tavola calda offer a sit down experience with a more extensive menu but the meals are straightforward such as hot pasta dishes or pizza.

Ristorante is for fine dining but can range from serving a limited range of meals to to ones offering a wide variety of meals at highest quality.

Crottos are rustic and charming restaurants carved into the mountains around Lake Como.  They are famous for their simple yet tasty dishes; smoked meats, aged cheeses, polenta with cheese, homemade gnocchi, ribs and salsicce.