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Jungle Raider Park

Jungle Raider Park is a fantastic adventure park located in the forest of Civenna (approximately 15km from Bellagio) as well as one in the town of Margno in the Pian delle Betulle (Lecco province).
 Civenna Park, Piano Rancio, Como– built in the trees of a conifer forest in Civenna, near the springs of the Lambro River. The park consists of various obstacle courses amongst the trees; from logs to gangways and bridges that connect tree to tree. It is a way to combine fun with physical exercise and fresh air. It is suitable for all levels (younger ones being accompanied by an adult of course)
Margno Park– a summer resort that also acts as a starting point for excursions into nature and art. Aside from being an important ski resort, this year Margno also offers the new Jungle Raider Park facilities.
Qualified instructors give a briefing before you start your adventure amongst the trees. You are equipped with harness, helmet and gloves (supplied by Jungle Raider Park).
Opening Hours: Every day from beginning of May to end August 10am to 7pm. Open on certain days in April, September and October (times vary from 10am-6pm or 7pm).
Cost: Prices vary depending on the level and how many turns you want to take – can range from €10-€16 for one turn (€10 for easier level and €16 for harder level) Prices go up for 2 turns etc etc.