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San Martino Church, Griante

The church is situated up the steep hillside behind Griante.  In order to reach the church, you can meander through the ancient part of village with its many alleys and mews, left unaltered throughout the centuries. The village itself is quiet and picturesque with two public parks and some wonderful views. When you reach Piazza San Rocco, take the road with the blue sign-post for San Martino.

You are now at Carsolina, a very old area of Griante. At the end of this alley you will find yourself on the road which takes you both to San Martino and Rogaro. If you decide to go back to the lake, turn right, otherwise, carry on straight until you reach the path to San Martino.

To your right, you will see a few steps leading down to a small bridge and from there begin your walk up through fields and woods. As you follow this path, you will see some tiny chapels with mosaics depicting the Misteries of the Rosary.  Half-way up you will find the Alpini’s Chapel dedicated to Saint Charles.

Make sure that you have comfortable footwear on and take something to drink (especially if it is a hot day).  You may also want to take a snack, there are some picnic benches there where you can sit down and enjoy the spectacular views across Lake Como.

It will take you approximately one hour to reach the church.  Please note that the path that leads to Pilone is partially disrupted so be careful and watch your step!