Toy Rocking Horse Museum

The first toy rocking horse museum in the world was opened on April 14th in the year 2000. This museum attracts all ages from young to old and gives the history of  how the toy rocking horse horse was first made.

You can view over 500 horses  on display all of which have been built between 1700 and 1960. The pieces have been collected over many years of research.

The rocking horse has always been very popular toy with children throughout the years. These are works of art which have taken time and dedication to create. Mainly made out of wood, the toy horse varies in size from small to large.

There are many other toy museums; dolls, trains, books etc but none dedicated to the rocking horse until the year 2000.

The company, Chicco, collected as many toy horses as possible from long ago to present day in order to offer more history on this beloved toy and the work involved in making them.


Museo del Cavallo Giocattolo
Via Tornese 10
Chiccolandia parking entry
Grandate (Como)
Tel: (+39) 031 382038