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If you haven’t driven in Italy before then you are in for a rude awakening.  Tailgating and fast driving are common occurrences in Italy, thankfully though, jumping out of cars with road rage wanting to fight isn’t!  As a tourist, this type of driving can take a bit of getting used to, although  more and more, road rage cases and aggressive driving is happening in the UK all the time.

On a positive note, driving in Italy reminds you that you do have two wing-mirrors!

The motorways (autostrada) in Italy are not as spacious as in the UK.  Drivers often over-take on the hard shoulder if they are stuck in traffic and are fed up waiting.  Not advisable to do this though especially if the traffic police come along.

Ensure that you stay alert when driving on any Italian road.  You will notice that you tend to use your wing-mirrors a lot.  There are a lot of people driving mopeds and road cyclists are constant in Italy so be very aware of them and make space for them to pass wherever you can (they will overtake on the inside even at the slightest opportunity).