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The ferry service in Lake Como runs regularly during the summer months (timetable varies during the winter months).  Ideal for getting a good view of some of the celebrity owned lakeside villas.  You can also buy a ticket that will allow you to hop on and off the ferry as you please.  This is a great idea allowing you to visit numerous towns in one day.  You can even stop off  for lunch in one town and have an aperitivo in another.


Batelli  – this is the passenger ferry which you can board from nearly all of the lakeside towns.  Cyclists will need to ask  the Captain’s permission for boarding with their bicycle.  The Captain’s decision will depend upon whether he feels that there is enough space to store the bicycle.

Traghetti  is the car ferry which can take up to 20 vehicles including coaches, motorbikes, vans, lorries and bicycles.  Dogs are allowed to be taken on this ferry.   There are often queues for this ferry, especially during the summer months however it still quicker than driving round to the other side of the lake.

Aliscafi are the hydrofoil ferries and are quite fast.  They connect Como and Lecco with many stops in between. The summer cruise trips leave every day of the week from Colico. Departures are from around 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.

You can also book a night-time cruises with on-board dancing during the summer months.  These trips normally leave from Como, Colico, Domaso, Menaggio, Bellagio, Varenna and Lecco.

Fares vary depending on which type of ferry you are opting for and whether or not it is a one-way or return ticket that you buy (sola andata o andata e ritorno).