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Driving from the UK and Ireland

Please be aware that there are tolls on French, Swiss, German and Italian motorways. You will need the following for driving in Italy:

  1. Your international driving licence or a valid national one (if photocard licence and paper parts)
  2. GB (or relevent sticker from your country)sticker on the back of your car
  3. Car registration documents
  4. Copy of your motor insurance documents
  5. National identity sticker for your car
  6. Headlamp deflectors (so that you don’t dazzle motorists coming the other way)
  7. Red warning triangle in case of a breakdown.
  8. You are required to have 40-50 euros on you at all times in Italy, should you happen to be issued with an on-the-spot fine.
  9. If you are travelling on the motorways in Switzerland for any part of your journey, it is compulsory to purchase the motorway sticker.  You can buy this at the border and at most petrol stations.

Ensure that you are covered by your insurance company for driving abroad (a green insurance card; an extension to your ordinary insurance, is not compulsory but advisable in case of an accident).