The Autostrada (motorway) system is operated by a private company and you pay tolls to use it. On some parts of the Autostrada you get a ticket when you enter and pay when you exit (you pay for the distance you drive). In other parts you pay set amounts at toll booths.

When you arrive at the Autostrada toll entrance you will see many drive-in gates. Always go to a gate marked Biglietto (ticket) or drive to an unmarked gate. Do NOT enter gates marked only Viacard or Telepass.

Take a card from the automated machine at the entry gate. When you exit the Autostrada you can pay in cash at the gates marked Biglietto or at the unmarked gates. To pay, hand over your ticket to the person in the booth, the amount due is displayed on an LCD board. They will then give you change and the barrier will go up. You can also pay by credit card at the gates with the universal credit card symbols. These gates may also have the Viacard sign. When you pay with a credit card (Visa, MC, Amex, Diners) first insert the ticket, then your card and the machine display the amount owed and then return your card. Once you take your credit card the barrier will go up.

Lanes marked with orange lines are for Telepass, lanes marked with blue and orange lines is for both Telepass and Viacard, and the right two unmarked lanes are for cash. The lane marked in blue for Viacard also takes credit cards; the sign for the lane shows the credit cards they take. Some toll booths are automated; insert your ticket and then a pre-recorded voice tells you the amount of money due, cash or credit cards can be used to pay at these booths. You can buy a Viacard at the Autogrill service stations and use it for paying tolls.