Road Signs

Signposting on main and rural roads is quite good, but from our own experience of driving in Italy can sometimes be quite confusing.

Autostrada (the motorway), look for green signs. They will show the town names for the destination of the Autostrada.


  • Uscita/Exit
  • Entrata/Entrance
  • Tangenziale tangential/usually a ring road around a town
  • Attenzione/Caution
  • Divieto di sosta/No parking
  • Chiuso/Closed
  • Fermata/Bus stop
  • Fuori servizio/Out of service
  • Libero/Vacant
  • Pericolo/Danger
  • Pericoloso/Dangerous
  • Senso unico/One-way
  • Strada private/Private road
  • Vietato l’accesso/No entry
  • Vietato l’ingresso/No entrance