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Carnival Time

Carnevale is a traditional christian festival (equivalent to the mardi gras in Brazil) that marks the begining of Lent.  It is celebrated all over Italy, with parades, masquerade balls, entertainment, music, and parties. Anyone can dress-up in costume but you will see mainly children in various outfits going around throwing confetti at each other. It is also a time for jokes and pranks, anything goes at carnival time.

Carnevale has roots in pagan festivals and traditions although many traditional festivals are often adapted to fit into the Catholic rituals. It is normally held on one date but in Venice and some other places the celebrations may start a week or two before.

Venice is one of the best places to experience Carnevale, with people wearing elaborate costumes and masks.  There are many masquerade balls held at this time of year, both private and public.

The date for this year’s Carnevale is February 24th, although many towns and villages may start celebrations from February 14th – thus allowing each village to have its turn and giving the residents a chance to attend as many Carnevale’s as they wish! Party time!

  • Fiera di carnevale, Menaggio  – 22nd February, 14.30 near the nursery school lakeside (scuola materna)
  • Fiera di carnevale, Grandola Ed Uniti – 15th February
  • Carnevale dei Belli e dei Brutti, Schignano (via Lavoro) – 21st-24th February
  • Carnevale di Livigno – 19th-24th February