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In this section you can read our related articles describing in more detail the beginning of the Italian film industry, the music scene and dance as well as reading about famous artists and writers who were inspired whilst visiting Lake Como.

There are numerous tv and radio stations that cover the whole of Italy, although some may vary from region to region. RAI (the national network) was the only...

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House Music

‘Italo House’ was the term used to describe a popular type of house music in Italy in te late 1980’s. This particular style of music is a mix of...

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Hip Hop Music

In the 1990's the Italian hip hop scene emerged with Articolo 31 from Milan, whose style was mainly influenced by East Coast rap. Many of the other early hip hop...

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Rock Music

The rock music from the USA in the early 1960's influenced italian rock, with cover versions being made on existing songs. Piero Ciampi was the first distinctively Italian...

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An opera is a drama set to music and consists of singing accompanied by an orchestra playing overtures and interludes. The voices of the opera singers can be...

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Italian Film

Between 1903 and 1908 the film industry in Italy really began to form.  The three major organizations that led the film industry during this time were; Itala film, the Roman...

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Roman theatre originated around 240 BC after their victory in the first Punic Wars.  To celebrate they held public games and as part of these celebrations, comedy and tragedy...

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The volta is known as a Renaissane Dance which is claimed to come from both Italy and France. It was the first dance known to have a three-fourth beat.  Volta is...

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This Italian folk dance originates from southern Italy. The dance varies from region to region. Traditionally this is a couples dance but the crescendo of the dance is meant...

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