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Italian Mealtimes

Breakfast  in Italy can range from breads and jam to a huge buffet of meats, cheeses, cereals (although they don’t eat cereal as much as we do in...

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Typical Italian Food

Most Italian dishes, especially those in the north, are butter-based. Lake Como has five different types of fish to choose from, the most popular being Lavarello. Some of...

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This is the local desert, but is often eaten at Christmas time. The origins of the cake appear to be ancient possibly dating back to the Roman Empire....

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Digestivo Drinks

A digestivo is a post-dinner drink that is taken after eating a large meal.  These drinks are not normally mixed with any other drink and are to be...

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The Italian Aperitivo

Going for an aperitivo is an everday part of life in Italy.  It is the time of day, usually between the hours of 6pm and 9pm when Italians...

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Italy has overtaken France in the wine-producing business and exports its' fine wine worldwide.  There are over one million vineyards in Italy and many farmers not only produce...

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Espresso is a concentrated coffee based drink with a thick consistency and is served in small cups.  It is also the main ingredient for other coffee based drinks such as;...

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Olive Oil

A bottle of olive oil can be found in every Italian kitchen, however it has also grown in popularity in the UK and other countries for cooking with....

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Polenta is a type of cornmeal and is part of the staple diet of Italians and  just as popular as pasta or pizza. However before the introduction of...

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This cheesy vegetable pasta dish is a typical dish from the Valtellina area of Lake Como.  The pasta looks similar to that of tagliatelle. The preferred type of...

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